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Studying Computer Systems Engineering (IASM02-15).

Email: alex.jakimenko+ttuwiki@gmail.com

Study plan

2017 Autumn ✓

TMJ1230Technology Enterprise Creation and Financing ✓
IEM3040Data Acquisition Means and Methods ✓
IAF0610Design for Testability ✓
IAF0620Verification of Digital Systems ✓
HOE7250International Intellectual Property Law ✓

2017 Spring ✓

TMJ1030Entrepreneurship and Business Planning ()
IBX0030Innovation and Creative Problem Solving ()
IAY0550Systems-on-Chip Design ()
ISC0010Microprocessor Systems ()
ISP0012Timing Analysis of Software Dynamic Properties ()
IAY0340Digital Systems Modeling and Synthesis ()
IAG0060Software Project Management ()

Total: 34 EAP

2016 Autumn ✓

IBX0060Robotics ()
IAF0320Computer Systems Engineering (✓ 💩)
IAG0010Advanced Course in Programming I ()
ISP0051Applied Data Communication ()
IAY0600Digital Systems Design ()
IAG0450Analysis of Programming Languages ()

Total: 30 EAP

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